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Promote your Google account by heading towards its top-notch product launched in a very short span of time. Once you fail to get access to your Google account, you will lose the other Google-friendly applications which are linked with it. Begin to play with your Google profile by running on the ladder of solutions whenever your Google accounts need recovery due to certain circumstances.

Optimize the key steps to recovering the Google account when no access works from your side

Recover using your registered phone number

Google account recovery is not difficult to be handled if the user has registered the mobile number while registering the Google account. Let’s deal about the solution to get free access to Google account:

  1. the Google login page and click sign in
  2. Enter your Google ID in the respective field
  3. Tap on Forgotten password and grid your registered mobile number in the given box.
  4. Click on one of the options whether Text or call if you want a text message or a voice call to receive a one-time password (OTP) in regards to your mobile number.
  5. Type the received OTP in the given box and get worth access to your Google account again.

Although learning the above-given steps you can immediately get access to your Google account.

Recover by answering the security question

Answering the security question for recovering Google account is the most convenient method as the most trustable person is you to answer to each of the security questions. You need to open the page and fill the answers according to the security questions that you have entered at the time of registering the account. Once you have successfully answered all the queries you will automatically get back to your Google account again. In case you are still unable to sign in to your account, try for another outcome to recover the account.

Recover by registered email address

Since Google asks for an alternate email address whenever you register to a new Google account, a secondary email address is utilized in an emergency to recover your account if something states false with the Google account. Here are some steps are served for Google account recovery using a secondary email address is:

  1. Search for the Google sign-in page or visit for a password reset
  2. Enter an alternate email address in the provided section and click send
  3. Google has delivered a password recovery link to your registered alternate email address.
  4. Select the link and change the password

Once you have gone through the above answers, you have created a new path again in the same manner as before. Just once investigate that you have filled the correct password after recovering the account because gridding the wrong password for more than 3 times may lead to blocking your account permanently. And in this situation, you need to form a new account accordingly.


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